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Posts by Sue Ostrom (Page 2)

A Different Direction

Yesterday afternoon I took a walk around our neighborhood, something I do several times a week.  Except that yesterday I walked it in the opposite direction that I usually go.  I passed the same houses, admired the same flowers, covered exactly the same territory that I have walked more times than I can count.  But I did it facing a different direction than I usually walk.      I felt disoriented, off-balance.  It was awkward and confusing.  I was relieved when I…

He Came Without Bubble Wrap

On New Year’s Day Doug and I begin to take down our Christmas decorations.  I leave most of our Nativity sets up through January 6, Epiphany Day, but I did decide to take one down.  It was sitting on my dresser.  Our cats like to jump up on that dresser when they are trying to convince us to get up to feed them early in the morning and I was worried they would knock off the figures.  This is an…
Complicated Intersections

At the Corner of Intersectionality

Our world places us at a busy and complicated intersection. We face the challenge of learning how to become just, fair, equal, effective to all of those coming into our lives or just passing through. Acheiveing intersectionality, considering all intersections of a person, gives us richness and great promise.