Debi Woods

Debi Woods


Debi Woods is our Executive Admin. /Secretary

Debi has many years of volunteer leadership with Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington. She has had years as a trainer for the Girl Scouts as well. She has also been a Center Director for a surgical center.

She says it has been a blessing to come back to the Methodist church to serve as Church Secretary and brings back memories of her youth where she was very involved in the Methodist church. Debi enjoys many different arts and crafts, including painting, embroidery and paper arts. She shares her home with her Husband Scott, her blue fronted amazon parrot named Louder, and her dog named Lola. You might find Lola at the church office, she is in charge of cute and loves everyone who comes by. Debi also loves spending time with her family and her 9 grandchildren.

Preschool Director
Staff Pastor