A life of Prayer

Rev. Sue Ostrom   -  

A well-rounded prayer life includes a variety of types of prayer. As a conversation with God, prayer includes speaking to God and listening to God. (For many of us, listening to God is the hardest part. That is why I recommend silence and reading of Scripture, often in combination.)
Below is one way I offer as a form that leads me to different types of prayer. I call it the 5-4-3-2-1 prayer method:
5 Listening: spend 5 minutes of silence and/or reading of Scripture.
4 Thanks: Give Thanks for four things.
3 Intercession: Ask God to intervene or help with 3 things. This could be prayers for people who need healing, guidance, or comfort. It could also be for community, regional, national, or international concerns. I try to include at least one concern that addresses broader issues.
2 Confession: Admit to God (and so to yourself!) one way in which you have sinned or fallen short of God’s ideals for you.
1 Praise: Praise God for who God is.